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Become an animator

Will you become one of our animators at De Speelkriebel playground in Ghent?

Our team consists of around 25 awesome animators that give their best every day of the summer to ensure that every child has a wonderful day.

Day in and day out, every animator gives their best. Besides that, an animator is a truechildhood friend who bursts withcreativity andsocial skillsEvery role that he/she presents is a fun challenge and can convince the children to experience a crazy adventure together with him/her.

Do you want to be a part of this crazy team?

Don't hesitate to inscribe or to contact us via mail. This does not only make you more socially strong, but also makes a great addition to your resume.

Clothing for animators

Every summer we provide animators with a T-shirt for free. New animators receive two T-shirts for free. Do you want an extra? You can purchase one during the summer for €10.

Besides T-shirts, we provide hoodies for the animators. You can receive one for free if you have aided us during ALL of our build-up days. Want an extra hoodie? You can purchase one during the summer for €20.

Did you know that?

We offer training to our animators on a regular basis during the summer months to help and improve our animators. (I.e. how to deal with conflicts, how to prepare an activity, …)

These courses will be given by us or by VDS and are totally free for every animator.

VDS also organises courses throughout the year for animators, headanimators and instructors. These will be partially refunded and offer a chance to grow as an animator and as a person. By completing these courses you will receive an additional fee.


Become an animator

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