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Logo De Speelkriebel Gent

Playground De Speelkriebel in Ghent

For children between the ages of 2,5 and 14 years old

You are more than welcome at De Speelkriebel playground in Ghent

SPW De Speelkriebel welcomes children between the ages of 2,5 and 14 years old (only requirement is that the children need to be potty trained before they join us) during the summer break. Since 2004 we try to give each child a fun day by means of games and playing together, they do this with our team of 25 animators.

Are you the age of 15 or above? You are welcome to join us as an animator!

Our mission

Our mission is to let every child, regardless of age, depart with a big smile on his/her face after a busy day of fun and discoveries.

Do you have a question for us?

If you have questions or any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us!

The vision of playground De Speelkriebel in Ghent

De Speelkriebel is a form of youth work. We follow, like most, the vision of the umbrella organisation VDS. Our vision depends on three basic pillars:

Equal chances for everyone, because everyone is unique.

Respect for each other, but also for yourself.

We believe in the independent development of children through play.

Within this vision, we create space for children to explore, to experiment, to fall, to get back up, … Because of this, we have a diverse group of animators and children.

Here we try to let every child, unique in every way, experience a fun, interesting and socially educating week, through a combination of planned activities and spontaneous impulses. This way, every hour, day and week becomes a playful, unforgettable and challenging experience.

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